US fast food chains trailing in Myanmar

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Singapore’s Chewy Junior already has several outlets in prime locations in Yangon. Korea’s Lotteria & BBQ Chicken are just opening their first few outlets in Yangon in April. Malaysia’s Mary Brown announced that they will open 20 restaurants in the next 5 years in Myanmar.

What is missing are the US fast food giants like KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Due to the partial lifting of the US sanctions on Myanmar via a “calibrated approach” by the US Treasury Department – many of the US fast food chains are just beginning to enter the Myanmar market. Many started seriously looking for suitable Myanmar franchisees only late last year. Due to their late start and the conditions set by the US Treasury towards Myanmar – the US fast food chains are having problem finding the right partner and securing prime retail location due to the limited supply of prime shopping mall in Yangon.

KFC has started advertising in the daily Myanmar newspapers announcing that they are hiring and training staff in preparation for opening their first restaurant. It is not certain if this is just a trademark claim ploy or they have already found a suitable franchisee and a suitable retail location in Yangon. In Yangon when a landlord or a contractor has secured the contract to build the first KFC store – everyone in the market will know about it in matters of days.

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