Myanmar mobile phone retailers salivating as SIM card price is cut by 99%

SIM card costing Kyat 1,500 (USD 1.75) will go on sale on 24 April 2013. Previous price of SIM Card was Kyat 200,000 (USD 230). That is a 99% drop in price!

President Thein Sein has vowed to increase mobile penetration in a country of 60 million people from less than 6% to 80% in 3 years. He has also promised that the new SIM card would be evenly distributed to all cities and so as to ensure growth of mobile phone ownership across the country.

The introduction of the low cost SIM card is a boom for mobile phone retailers across the country as they are salivating at the thought of selling more mobile phones and accessories. See our earlier article low cost SIM expected to drive up mobile penetration.

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