Foreign investors can own 100% of Offshore Deep Water Oil & Gas Blocks

Myanmar Offshore Oil & Gas Blocks; Click to download map

Myanmar Offshore Oil & Gas Blocks;
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On 10th April 2013 the Myanmar Ministry of Energy issued an announcement launching the long-awaited auction of 30 offshore blocks of oil and gas exploration on production sharing basis.

For the 11 shallow water blocks – foreign investors must partner with local Burmese companies. For the 19 deep water blocks where locals do not have the technology or capital – foreign investors can have 100% ownership of the project.

The bids for both offshore and onshore blocks were postponed in August 2012 due to concern about transparency in the bidding process.

Since then, Myanmar has joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, a Norway-based program aimed at tackling corruption in the mining and energy sectors in developing countries.

The offshore blocks available for bidding are :

Offshore Shallow Water Block (must partner with local Burmese companies) 

S/NoBlockAreaType of Contract
1A-4Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
2A-5Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
3A-7Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
4M-4Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
5M-7Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
6M-8Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
7M-15Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
8M-16Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
9M-17Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
10M-18Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
11YEBTanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC

Offshore Deep Water Block (foreign investors can have 100% ownership)

S/NoBlockAreaType of Contract
1AD-2Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
2AD-3Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
3AD-4Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
4AD-5Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
5AD-9Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
6AD-10Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
7AD-11Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
8AD-12Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
9AD-13Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
10AD-14Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
11AD-15Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
12AD-16Rakhine Offshore AreaPSC
13MD-1Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
14MD-2Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
15MD-3Moattama Offshore AreaPSC
16MD-4Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
17MD-5Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
18MD-6Tanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC
19YWBTanintharyi Offshore AreaPSC

International oil and gas majors such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobile, Chevron, ConocoPhilips, Total SA, KOGAS, Petronas, PTTEP, and Woodside are expected to participate in the auction.

Interested parties must submit the following documents:

  • Letter of expression of interest
  • Article of Association & Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Latest annual report and latest financial statement
  • Detailed track record

All document must be endorsed for authenticiy at the nearest Myanmar Embassy from the place of the Company’s registration.

The document must be placed in a sealed envelope and marked “Confidential” ” Myanmar Offshore Blocks First Bidding Round 2013)” and send to the following address before 1630 hrs on 14th June 2013 :

Director General
Energy Planning Department
Ministry of Energy
Building No 6, Nay Pyi Taw
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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