Download Myanmar map to your smart phone

Get the latest Myanmar (Burma) Map on your laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android. The image below is a thumbnail of the actual map. To download an optimized high-res map of Myanmar click on the image below and download the actual map. Take note that the file size of the actual map is 1.3 MB. However the physical dimension of the image is big as it is a map.

To download high-res Myanmar Division Region State map go your laptop or iPad click here

To download high-res Myanmar Division Region State map go your laptop or iPad click here


The table below shows the region and state map of Myanmar:

Ayeyarwady RegionPatheinLower         6,663,000       35,138Region
Bago RegionBagoLower         5,099,000       39,404Region
Chin StateHakhaWestern             480,000       36,019State
Kachin StateMyitkyinaNorthern         1,270,000       89,041State
Kayah StateLoikawSoutheast             259,000       11,670State
Kayin StatePa-anSouth         1,431,377       30,383State
Magway RegionMagweCentral         4,464,000       44,819Region
Mandalay RegionMandalayCentral         7,627,000       37,021Region
Mon StateMawlamyaingSouth         2,466,000       12,155State
Rakhine StateSittweWest         2,744,000       36,780State
Shan StateTaunggyiEast         4,851,000     155,801State
Sagaing RegionSagaingNorthern         5,300,000       93,527Region
Tanintharyi RegionDaweiSouth         1,356,000       43,328Region
Yangon RegionYangonLower         5,560,000       10,170Region
Naypyidaw Union TerritoryNaypyidawCentral             925,000          2,724Union Territory


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