Map of Mergui Archipelago

Click to download actual map

Click to download actual map

The Mergui Archipelago is a group of 800 mostly uninhabited islands. There are around 2,000 sea gypsies that live on some of the islands, most of them are fishermen. You will find pristine islands with crystal clear water there. Excellent reef can be found around the islands.

Mergui Archipelago has been touted as the next Phuket with its unspoilt natural beauty. It is also a potential site for a casino island resort that meets the requirement of the Ministry of Home Affairs that the site must be remote and not easy for Myanmar people to access.

As Phuket in the south is like 200 km away and Bangkok is 400 km away in the north east. It will not be difficult to bring tourists to this group of islands if it is properly developed and promoted.

The image above is a thumbnail of the Mergui Archipelago map. To download the actual image which is 1.7MB in size – just click on the image and it will open in new window.

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