Road Transport Authority plans to collect car registration fees in Myanmar currency

Road Transport Authority plans to collect car registration fees in Myanmar currency

The Road Transport Administration is planning to collect car registration fees in Myanmar kyat in place of dollars as instructed by President Thein Sein, according to the Rail Transportation.

Collecting, paying, receiving and transferring the taxes in dollar by some departments of the ministries are resulting in the much demand for dollar in the local financial market and resulted in the tarnishing the image of useful role of Myanmar currency.

Instructions were given to all ministries and respective governments to use Myanmar currency in place of dollars in the public services, posted in the President’s Office website on May 31.

The RTA previously collected car registration fees only in FEC and then changed the system into dollars.

An information officer of the RTA said the President’s Office has also made the announcement and they have submitted to the Ministry of Transport to collect the car registration fees in Myanmar kyats.

Car owners earlier had to buy dollars from the exchange counters to pay for car registration fees. The current report of the President’s Office website will ensure dollar price fall and usefulness of Myanmar currency. The President’s instruction states that the exchange counters were making a profit from the sale of dollars.

Source: EMG

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