Myanmar Foreign Investment Law

As a foreign investor it is important that you understand the objectives of the Foreign Investment Law – as we want to invest responsibly, by focusing our investment into areas that are profitable for us and at the same time is beneficial to the Myanmar people. The foreign investment law outlines what are the long term objectives that the Myanmar people want to achieve in order to take the country forward both economically and intellectually.

One of the key objectives of the Foreign Investment Law is that of economic development of key industries that the Myanmar government considers to be crucial. Especially important are those sectors that create employment, export promotion and import substitution.

Myanmar people want to catch up with its neighbours like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. They do not want to be left behind in terms of economic development.

The Myanmar people realize that years of sanctions have left the country both isolated and stagnant.

The government realizes that in many sectors of the economy Myanmar people do not have the technology, management know how or capital necessary to fully exploit those segment or industry and to bring it to an international level quickly. Example would be operating deep sea oil and gas exploration platform or running a 4th Generation mobile network.

That is where the Myanmar government feels that foreign capital, technology or management know how will do the most good.

The Myanmar government is keen to develop the remote region of its country – for example if you can invest in a factory that will create employment in the remote and poor region of the country – the MIC can even look at extending the Exemptions and Reliefs that you received for a longer period.

The Foreign Investment Law provides the legal framework for foreign investors to invest in Myanmar.



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