Russia to buy Myanmar’s fishery products

Russia is now offering to buy Myanmar’s fishery products, according to sources from Myanmar Fishery Product Processors and Exporters Association.

“Myanmar’s fishery export products will be exported to Russia’s market soon and in line with
European market standards. Russian authorities will check the imported products,” Tun Aye, Secretary of Myanmar Fishery Product Processors and Exporters Association said.

He continued that they are ready to buy the fishery products if the Russian buyers would import their products like the EU countries. There were a lot of e-mails sent by Russian buyers. But, the country has to import most of its fishery products to Russia’s market only after being checked by Russian officials. The government’s departments need to export fishery products to Russia market by seeking intergovernmental cooperation.

Myanmar is now exporting its fishery products such as fish and prawn to US and EU markets according to international standards.

Myanmar will regain EU’s Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) which offers tax advantage to Myanmar products in coming months.

“We didn’t get GSP for EU market yet. But, EU is planning to give GSP. We will get the GSP in the near future. We didn’t know how many percentages will be given by EU for it. I think, zero percent may come as our country is a developing one,” the secretary of the association added.

Due to the facts, Myanmar is now preparing to export the fishery products to international markets according to EU’s standards.

The EU’s experts held the workshops concerning the EU’s GSP.

There are 13 fishery factories which exported its products to EU countries.

source: EMG

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