Telecom tender result delayed

According to the Burmese update on popular Facebook news site Aye Chan Mon :

The Myanmar government was planning to announce the winner of the 2 telco licence on 27th of this month.

However, at today’s Parliament meeting there is one important motion (proposal) that was submitted that said that the telco licence should only be issued after the proposed Telecommunication Law has been enacted. The motion received 100% support from Parliament via a poll.

The Myanmar Parliament action today will increase the hesitation of the foreign investors to invest in our Country.

Editor Note: There are several Burmese language Facebook sites that are carrying the same news. We are unable to authenticate the source of this news via official channels in Naypyidaw as we only saw the Burmese news late in the afternoon today .

Please see clarification given by Set Aung who heads the Telecommunications Operator Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee (TOTSC), to Reuters. “Parliament can’t stop it at this point” in the next article.

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