Myanmar to produce 186,650 tons of teak in this year

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Myanmar is planning to produce 186,650 tons of teak during this fiscal year, said Win Tun, Minister for Environmental Conservation and Forestry, at the Parliament session on July 29.

The amount is about 80,000 tons less than last year production, he said.

The ministry’s policy is to permit teaks and other trees with similar growth pattern to grow for at least thirty years before they could be cut down. This is to sustain the industry, the minister said.

“The teaks which are carried to the harbour are qualified teak and hardwoods. The waste of the hardwoods is twisted woods and logs which have slits. We don’t have lumbers and logs which we can’t sell. We have recorded the in and out of the timber so we have no money to lose. We are taken action against illegal logging,” the union minister said.

The authorities are taken action against illegal logging by the companies and the local forest rangers who allow cutting of the tree except to meet the requirements. The ministry has taken action against the businessman and his accomplices who cut down teak illegally in Chin State with public property protection act and dismissed the forest staff who are responsible for it, the minister said.

Myanmar is produced 269,516 tons of teak and 1,355,227 tons of hardwoods in 2012-2013 fiscal years and planned to produce 186,650 tons of teak and 787,600 tons of hardwoods in this fiscal year. Myanmar will end the export of raw teak and timber starting from April 1, 2014 and only allow the exports of higher-earning finished products, he said.

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