Myanmar Business Matching Service

Myanmar is often a misunderstood market. Many people think that all Myanmar people are poor. In fact our studies have shown that just in Yangon itself there are over 2,000 high income households i.e. people who own and live in own landed property and have a stable of luxury cars. These people usually own multiple properties, run their own businesses and send their children to private schools and then to Singapore, Australia, UK or US for their further education. We have not even started to count the number of high income households that can be found in the resource rich towns and cities in the North where the purchasing power of the people are much higher than that of Yangon.

Our search assignments have help us come into contact with many Myanmar industrialists who are also major land owners – many of whom are very private people and do not relish publicity or politics. There are a lot of hidden wealth in Myanmar but there are also a lot of hidden business opportunities.

Myanmar is not a difficult market – it is just a different market due difference in social, economic and political history of the country. It is a resource rich country with many hidden potentials and opportunities. We can help you find the right business partner in Myanmar as we have built a database of major companies in Myanmar and who the owners are.

Based on your profile and selection criteria we will comb through the industry segment that you are focusing on and identifying potential partners that have stated their interest in your product, service or business proposition.

Our approach is very different from that of the many business matching Group Service provided by the various business federation or business association – as our focus is solely on your need for confidentiality, speed, convenience and result. It will not be like a Speed Dating Session where you have a hoard of competitors or peers hovering around your room or table listening to what you are discussing with your potential partners and hoping to cut in on the more promising candidates.

We can help you look for business partners for the following business activities:

  • Agriculture production of Bamboo, Bamboo Shoot, Orchid and Tissue culture
  • Agriculture production of organic vegetables & fruits
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Construction of Shopping Mall & Hotel
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing including Organic Skin Care, Hair Care
  • Distribution of Chemical related in Construction
  • Distribution of Fancy Dress and Toys
  • Distribution of Foods,Insecticide and kinds of machineries
  • Distribution of Premium Corporate Gifts
  • Distribution of Spare parts related in Car and Tyre
  • Distribution of Sport and Commodities
  • Distribution of Sport Equipments
  • Electrical Goods & Services for Power Distribution business
  • Exhibition Service
  • FMCG Manufacturing &/or Distribution
  • Food Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Food Manufacturing including Organic Fruit Drinks)
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Fruit & Vegetable processing Factory (tomato puree, chilli paste mango pulp, juice. etc)
  • Fuel distribution business
  • Highway Toll Collection
  • Hiking & Diving aid apparatus
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Installation of M & E Works for Building & Construction Industry
  • Interior Design and Landscape Design
  • IT Solutions, Network & Managed Services
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Manufacturing of Electric & Electronic Equipment for managing power supply
  • Manufacturing of Frozen Fisheries Products
  • Manufacturing of Natural Gas, LPG, LNG, HFO, Hydro and Wind Energy,
  • Manufacturing of Packaging material
  • Manufacturing of purified drinking water and Beverage
  • Manufacturing of Surgical Dressing Products, Cotton Bud, Gauze, Alcohol, Swab etc.
  • Mini cold storage facilities for food storage and distribution
  • Mining Services
  • Motorcycle Tube, Bicycle Tube, Tyre distribution
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Services
  • Organic Farming & other Agri business (seed, fertilizer etc.)
  • Package tour operations for outbound and inbound tours between two tourism companies.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
  • Piping spool fabrication & Pipeline Installation
  • Plant Engineering Design fabrication, Erection and Machinery Installation
  • Poultry Livestock & Feed Factory
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Processing and exporting frozen fish and other fishery products for the fishing & seafood industry.
  • Production of Office Furniture, Safe, Locker Table, Chair, Cabinet etc.
  • Rattan Handicraft
  • Real Estate development
  • Regular express bus transportation business for tourists
  • Rubber product manufacturing and distribution
  • Scaffolding Work for Building & Construction Industry
  • School & Education
  • Seafood processing and export
  • Security Safety Equipment such as CCTV, alarm, etc
  • Security Training
  • Software Development such as E-Commerce, Ticketing & Mobile Money
  • Solar Panels and Battery Storage for solar Energy business
  • Steel Structure fabrication & Erection for Building & Construction Industry
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Telecom (ISP) Investment
  • Tin Tungsten Mining
  • Trading in Wall Tile, Floor Tile & other Building Materials
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Warehousing Domestic

To find out more on how we can help you to look for the right business partner – write to info (at) with the subject title: “Business Matching Service”.

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