Local companies propose to run Yangon’s new bus system

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Two local companies have submitted proposal to operate the forthcoming Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system in Yangon, according to regional officials.

Although the government planned to start the BRT system this year, the plans have been delayed due to the location of traffic lights and poor road conditions.

“We have organised a technical aid team for the BRT. The team hasn’t drawn the plan yet. Also we need to place the roads and traffic lights,” said Aung Khin, Yangon’s Road Transport Minister.

The two companies, including Myittarhlaine Transport Company (the other was not disclosed), have also proposed to build bus stops. Yangon’s regional government is allowing them to import new vehicles to run the BRT system. The authorities plan to use Pyay Road for a trial test.

Myittarhlaine submitted a proposal to Yangon regional government to run the BRT system. If they are allowed, they will operate from Aungmingalar highway road to Kantaryar junction road, according to company representatives.

Source: ELEVEN

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