Asia World Port tops the list of Yangon freight handlers

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Asia World Port is Yangon’s top freight handler, with a 45-percent share of all goods that pass through the nation’s commercial hub, according to the Myanmar Port Authority (MPA).

Yangon’s ports are Bo Aung Kyaw, Myanmar Industry, Asia World, Htitan, and Myanmar International Port Thilawa. Asia World Port has a higher market share than all the others.

“Most container ships dock at Asia World Port, which handles more containers than other ports,” an MPA official said.

According to statistics for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, Asia World Port led with 45 percent, followed by Myanmar Industry Port with 26 percent, Asia World Port with 15 percent, Htitan Port with nine percent, and Myanmar International Port Thilawa (Thilawa) with three per cent, respectively.

Although Thilawa has the lowest market share of all the ports, it can handle more containers than the others. It is near the Bay of Bengal and has five jetties for docking, with more space to handle and store containers and other necessary requirements. Sources say that the reasons it handles so little freight are that most ships balk at the expensive transportation charges between the port and downtown.

In addition to freight handling, Asia World Port also leads its competitors in general goods handling, the MPA official said.

Source: ELEVEN

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