Porous border with China offers criminal haven

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Along with being a bustling business hub of northern Myanmar, the Shan State town of Muse is the site of many crimes. However, because Muse shares a border with China, countless criminals have escaped to Myanmar’s northern neighbor after committing their respective crimes.

Because of this,the perpetrators of many offenses remain at large for an indefinite amount of time, said Kyaw Zan Myint, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Homeland Affairs, in Parliament on 7 October.

This insight arose in response to an inquiry from Upper House MP Sai Win Maung from Shan State, who requested increased security in Muse due to the lack of convicted culprits in relation to the high amount of crimes committed in the area.

Sai Win Maung emphasized the general lawlessness in Muse by recallingeight popular cases of murder, deception and robbery in which the offenders have yet to be arrested.

“There are many more cases of the same nature in Muse. The cases I present here are just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.“You can guess the law and order situation in Muse. If we cannot arrest these criminals and put them on trial, people’s lives and property will become further endangered.”

Although many offenders remain at large, Myanmar officials have managed to capture several criminals even after they have fled abroad.

“In some cases, culprits were arrested in neighboring countries. Sometimes as well,Myanmar police arrested culprits wanted by neighboring countries. These lawbreakers were extradited accordingly,” Kyaw ZanMyint said.

On the issue of building up security forces in Muse, Kyaw Zan Myint noted that an additional 240 police personnel have been deployed in the service of the town.

Source: Mizzima News

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