Clashes occurred in Rakhine State cause decline in tourism industry

The communal violence that broke out in Rakhine State last year has taken its toll on the tourism industry as operators and businesses complained about their losses.

“We can say that all of the tourism industry was affected because of the riots that erupted last year. Businesses relating to the use of motor boats prepared for tourists, hotels, tourist guides and even pony-carts, trishaw and cars were affected. During the rainy season, nearly all the hotels were closed. Even now, tourists are still not coming,” said Kyaw Win, a tourist guide.

Normally, about thousands of tourists visit Rakhine State but in this season, the number is in the hundreds, according to tourists’ guides.

“There’s no visitors visited Rakhine State last year owing to clashes. If we look at the tourism industry of Rakhine State, in 2010 to 2011, there were about five to six thousand visitors arrived Mrauk-U. It is the highest rate,” said a veteran tourism businessman and tourist guide.

Increase in tourists’ arrivals in Mrauk-U will make locals a well as all those related to tourism industry a better income.

At present, tourists can freely ravel in Mrauk-U as there is no more curfews.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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