YCDC warns 78 factories to install waste water treatment system before year’s end

YANGON – Seventy-eight factories have been instructed to install waste water treatment system by the year’s end, an official from Yangon City Development Committee said.

According to Than Lwin Oo, head of pollution control and cleaning department, out of 3,264 factories in the 24 industrial zones in Yangon, 207 release waste water into waterways. Waste water from 109 factories is released after being treated while 78 factories fail to abide by the standard set by the YCDC.

In September, YCDC instructed these 78 factories to install the system to treat waste water and 49 factories replied that they are working on installing the system. Those who said they would comply said would complete the installation before the end of November.

During the survey, YCDC found that four factories have stopped operating and five out of twenty-five factories have been abiding by the standard set by YCDC. The remaining 19 factories are instructed to complete the installation of the system before the end of December.

Than Lwin Oo said YCDC will confiscate the business licenses for one to three months if the factories fail to install the equipment within the time limit.

Residents living near the industrial zones have to endure bad smell and water pollution after factories release waste water into the waterways without treating them.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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