MPT Mobile Tower Management Partnership – Expression of Interest. Closing Date 2 Dec 2013.

In the context of the Union Government’s policy framework for the overall development of the ICT sector, three new operators will be granted soon a Nationwide Telecommunications License in Myanmar.

These new entrants have planned the roll-out of a significant number of sites to achieve their ambitious geographical coverage targets. In this context, rapid site/ tower roll-out and reduced cost per site will be key for these operators. These three new entrants will be allowed to build their own towers. However, to maximize efficiency and roll-out speed, the operators are likely to (partially) outsource tower operations and share towers.

Given this potential to provide tower management services to the new operators, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has set the objective to rapidly deploy a best-in-class network of towers, optimized for infrastructure sharing.

MPT is therefore considering a tower management partnership with the following objectives:
• Upgrade MPT’s existing sites for infrastructure sharing;
• Boost MPT’s future necessary tower network development;
• Bring the required financing capacity; and
• Provide best-in-class operations and maintenance services to MPT’s entire tower network.

The potential partner can be a specialized tower management company. However, MPT could also consider other types of companied that could support MPT to achieve its objectives.

The following information must be provided in English:

A. Contact details

1. Name of the company;
2. Address of the company’s head office (number, street name, city, postal code and country);
3. Designated contact person and position/function of the contact person;
4. Contact person email address;

B. Company profile and brief description of relevant experience

1. Overview of the company’s activities and global footprint;
2. Overview of relevant experience in tower/infrastructure management if applicable;
3. Total number of sites worldwide if applicable;
4. Financial (e.g., global revenues) and operational (for example, tenancy ratios) key performance indicators.

Note: The proposed partner selection process as presented in this notice is subject to change or can be stopped at any time at the sole discretion of MPT or the Union Government and the term as expressed are non-binding

As a first step, interested entities are required to submit their Expression of Interest (‘EOI’) no later than December 2nd, 2013 3 PM Myanmar time to MPT at and by letter to MPT Managing Director, Office Building No (2), Nay Pyi Taw, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Total size of all attachments should not exceed 5 MB. For physical deliveries, both one single printed document and a CD-ROM, containing an electronic version of all printed documents, must be provided.

Source: MPT

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