Myanmar to build the first of its kind car-park

YANGON-Yangon authorities are planning to build a multi-storey car-park in downtown to reduce traffic congestion, according to Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

The car-park, the first of its kind in the country, will be a 15-storey building to be built in a land plot owned by YCDC. It will have the capacity of more than 100 vehicles.

The committee said it will charge a fee for parking, and will send study teams to Japan for construction of that kind of multi-storey car-park.

But it did not disclose details of the construction plan.

“We are planning to build the first high-rise car-park in Seikkanthar Street in the city. It will be built on an YCDC-owned land,” said an official from YCDC.

Chief Minister Myint Swe for Yangon Region said in September that Yangon faces traffic congestions frequently as the city has more and more cars running on its roads with fewer parking spaces, adding that foreign investors will be invited for building high-rise car-parks in the city to reduce traffic congestion.

“There is still no effective way although the authorities tried several ways to reduce the traffic congestion in the city. Now the traffic congestion came to lanes as the authorities are taking strict actions against vehicles parked carelessly on the restricted main roads. If high-rise car-parks are to be built, they should be built wide enough in an effective way,” said a urban expert in Yangon.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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