Myanmar to export high-quality rice to Japan

YANGON—Myanmar will export 6,000 tonnes of high-quality rice to Japan for second time in May, according to the Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation (MAPCO).

“We are now preparing to export 6,000 tons of rice that have already been tender awarded. Japan is going to buy native paddy strains and Myanmar is now test exporting high-quality rice to European countries,” said Soe Tun, director of the MAPCO.

Myanmar is also exporting 25-mark high quality rice to China and Africa. MAPCO exported 5,000 tonnes of high-quality rice to Japan for the first time in 45 years and is working to export more.

Japan examined Myanmar paddy strains in all 257 kinds of laboratory tests, including insecticide tainting and samples with or without chemical substances.

Ye Min Aung, managing director of MAPCO, said that Myanmar rice dealers are now preparing to export high-quality rice to the international market. That is why rice dealers should prepare for an emerging market that specializes in quality.

“We will export r200,000 tonnes of rice to Japan in this fiscal year, cooperating with Japan’s Mitsui Company. We have a plan to export rice to Africa and other international markets,” said Ye Min Aung.

Myanmar has also begun exporting rice to European markets under an advantageous EU trade scheme.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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