Myanmar fortune-teller San Zarni Bo predicts an end to crisis in Thailand

San Zarni Bo was evasive when asked if Thaksin Shinawatra’s former wife Pojaman had flown to Myanmar and consulted him about her fate. The famous fortune-teller appeared to be confident, however, about what he foresees in the near future for Thailand.

He even gave specific dates for predictions of what lies ahead. “Leaders of the protesters or government officials will make a speech. They will make some kind of agreements between February 27 and March 3,” San Zarni Bo predicted from his home. The former political prisoner described these agreements as a “cease-fire”.

The political crisis has claimed 20 lives and seen more than 700 people injured since it erupted in Bangkok late last year.

San Zarni Bo’s prediction has gained more weight after People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary general Suthep Thaugsuban challenged the caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday to one-on-one talks, broadcast live on TV, in a bid to end the political deadlock.

The fortune-teller suggested that the ongoing crisis in Thailand would end through negotiations that will start from March 3.

“Between March 12 and March 27, the political processing, the speech on the table will be quite all right,” he predicted, “Then on March 27, everything will be in good order again.”

The astrologer strongly hinted at some form of accommodation among key players. He ruled out scenarios in which a military coup may occur, in which the current Thai government steps down, and also in which anti-government demonstrators face a defeat.

The PDRC has staged massive rallies against the Yingluck government and her so-called “Thaksin regime”. The protesters accuse former prime minister Thaksin of grave corruption and controlling state mechanisms via his sister.

Thaksin lost power in a coup against his government in late 2006. He has lived largely in self-imposed exile since, but continued to wield huge influence in Thailand.

The ongoing anti-government movement has gained momentum after the House of Representatives – where Thaksin’s supporters had a majority – passed an amnesty bill in a questionable manner last November. The bill would have cleared Thaksin of prosecution for political crimes dating back many years, if it had taken effect.

In the face of growing pressure, Yingluck dissolved the House of Representatives on December 9 last year, but has been stuck in a political deadlock, with the protesters having successfully blocked a snap election held on February 2.

In his younger years, San Zarni Bo was himself a student activist. But during the past few decades, he has been a famous astrologer. Many politicians, Thai and Burmese alike, have reportedly sought his guidance.

This man had a good prediction for Thailand.

“There will be a good change,” he said.

But what about Thaksin, who is blamed by the PDRC for the ongoing turmoil?

“Nobody will live in exile forever,” San Zarni Bo said, in just one brief comment about the former Thai prime minister.

Source: The Nation – Thailand

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