Singaporean telecoms companies to cooperate with license winners

Singaporean telecommunication companies including Myanmar Fibre Optic Communication Network Co. Ltd., Digicel Myanmar Tower Co. Ltd. and Apollo Towers Myanmar Limited based in Myanmar are working together with two license winners, Ooredoo and Telenor, to strengthen the telecommunication network in Myanmar, sources say.

They have been granted the permission in Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) (8/2014) meeting held at March 3.

The three companies will provide telecommunication network assistance across the country and Digicel has been granted the company registration since November last year. It has been one of many companies who gave a promise to provide 4G network in Myanmar when they applied for a telecommunication license.

Telenor and Ooredoo have been awarded the license in January 31 this year by Directorate of Telecommunications. Some telecommunication companies who didn’t win the license have been arranged to work together with two license winners.

One of Asian giant telecommunication companies, Singtel Telecommunication Company from Singapore had the company registration to work in telecommunication sector.

Myanmar has granted the investment worth of more than US$ 1 billion in transportation and telecommunication sectors until January 31 this year. If the investment from those three companies is added, the investment will be reached to nearly US$ 2 billion.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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