Myanma Railways: Expression of Interest, Closing date: 7th May, 2014

Expression of Interest (EOI) to citizen entrepreneurs/companies* for long-term lease of the land plots owned Myanma Railways

1. The following Myanma Railways owned (3) plots of land, which are free from train running operations and not include in future project, in order to support National Economic Development shall be leased by BOT system for long-term years and invites local entrepreneurs/companies to submit the proposals of Expression of Interest (EOI).

(a) 117’x50’ plot, corner of Strand Road and Wadan (1st) Street, Lanmataw Tsp, Yangon Region (30 years grant)

(b) 416’x40’ plot, beside Baho Road, front of Thamine Station, Ward No.(2), Mayangone Tsp, Yangon Region (30 years grant)

(c) 300’x150’ plot, beside No.2 Main Road, compound of Toekyaungkalay station, near northeast junction, New Dagon (North) Tsp, Yangon Region (15 years grant)

2. The citizen entrepreneurs/companies shall submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) (business shall be described) to Manager (Economy/division) Division 7, 1st floor Yangon station by 7-5-2014 (in office hours) and those tenders exceeding the closing date will not be taken into consideration.

3. Based on submitted Expression of Interest (EOI), Tender Committee shall invite second step open tender for each plot by specifying type of business.

4. For detailed information contacting to Tender Committee Ph: 01-393428, 09-49213130 in office hours.

Source: Myanma Railways

*Consult-Myanmar’s Note: If you are a foreigner you will have to work via a a local Myanmar person or company as a sub-contractor to get a bite of this tender.

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