Yangon River cruises to stop services in mid-May

River cruises on the Yangon River will stop in mid May due to a decreasing numbers of passengers.

In addition to river day trips, one-night and two-night trips to Mandalay and upper Myanmar will also close for the months of June and July, which is the beginning of rainy season.
“As for now, the number of passengers has really decreased. Our cruise goes three days a week. It can carry 65 passengers but gets only about 20,” said Jue Jue from the Royal Green River Company.

“Booking a hotel hall and holding ceremony in Yangon is really stressful. So our customers can get a new experience as well as fresh air on a river cruise. This is a good way to get away from the crowded city,” said a cruise line company owner.

It costs over US $20 for a foreigner and about Ks 20,000 for a local person to take a cruise. The cruise liners leave from Botahtaung Harbour around five p.m. and arrive back at around eight p.m.

Source Eleven Media

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