Construction on historic sports ground faces triple lawsuit

The protection committee for gardens and sports grounds will sue the Yangon Region Government, Myanmar Investment Commission, Yangon City Development Committee and Asia-Myanmar Consortium Development Company if they do not stop construction on Thein Byu sports ground.

The committee told a press conference it would send notices to the organisations on June 12.

“If the construction at Thein Byu sports ground does not stop after sending the notices, we will take legal action against all those involved,” the committee’s general secretary, lawyer Aye Min, said.

“Two committee members, including me, will sue all three parties,” he said, adding that they will be given 60 days to respond to the notices before legal action against them is taken.

The sports ground, which is located near Kandawgyi Lake, was turned into a car-driving course in 1992, then closed in 2012. In 2013, the government leased it to Asia-Myanmar Consortium Development Company for 50 years, with an option to extend for 10 years.

“Thein Byu sports ground is an historic venue where ceremonies to mark independence and fun fares were held in the past,” said Mingalar Taungnyunt Township resident Hla Htay. “Children can play freely in the sports ground. Why do the authorities want to get rid of the historical traditions of the sports ground? If we can’t take legal action against members of the current government, we will do it during the next one,” Hla Htay added.

Aye Min said construction had continued despite several protests against it.

The government stopped the massive Myitsone project due to the wishes of the people, so it can stop a smaller project like construction on the sports ground if it wants to, he said.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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