Myawady Industrial Zone attracts regional interest

Japan, Thailand, Korea and China have all voiced interest to invest in the Myawady Industrial Zone which is currently under construction near the border with Thailand.

The Myawady Industrial Zone Project was started in April 2013 and is running ahead of schedule with 60 percent of the project already completed. It is expected to be finished by April 2015.

“As implementation of industrial zone is under State Government’s plan, plots would also be sold out by State Government,” said Thant Zaw Win, Project Engineer from Mother Construction Co.Ltd.

The current project area is 200 acres which contain 45 plots with minimum width of two arcs to maximum of four acres. There will also be housing for those involved in the project, as well as schools, and hospitals. One acre is expected to cost over US$ 50,000.

Myawady Industrial Zone is strategically situated on the Myanmar – Thai border which sits on the Asia highway and is a major gateway for trade and commerce.

Currently most of the trade and industrial development is on the Thai side of the border where many Myanmar workers are working illegally in factories producing consumer goods from electronics to car assembly.

Source: Myanmar ELEVEN

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