Govt to take action on illegal fuel imports

The authorities will start inspections at airports and ports to clamp down on illegal fuel imports, according to the Illegal Trade Prevention Central Committee (ITPCC).

“The government’s crack down on fuel smuggling started last November to stop fuel smuggling, but there has been no seizure of fuel smugglers yet,” said Nyunt Aung, deputy director general of the ITPCC.

“However, the amount of fuel imports is more or less than the original import list. It is in range. The government allowed 10 percent on the amount of fuel imports. The smuggling are in that 10 percent so no action has been taken yet. Lately, the volume of legal fuel import is increased,” he added.

Dr. Win Myint, the MP for Hlaing Township, has said that the state has been losing at least Ks 60 billion annually in illegal fuel imports. Some say influential local companies are involved.

Myanmar has over 400,000 registered vehicles which use approximately 144 million gallons of petrol each year, according to the committee’s recent findings.

The amount stated is calculating by the minimum amount used by vehicles and does not include ships, boats, and industrial machinery or generators.

Although Myanmar is needs over 435 million gallons of petrol to supply over 400,000 registered vehicles, local traders have only applied to import 391 million gallons in the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Shwe Than Lwin Company run by Kyaw Win imported a total of 113 tonnes of fuel instead of 75 tons which was permitted. In this case, the company imported the permitted amount and then customs fined them for the rest.


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