MPT announces promotion ahead of Ooredoo launch

In an apparent response to the looming launch of new telecoms operator Ooredoo, state-owned Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has announced a range of new promotions for the month of August that will allow MPT customers to call select family members at discounted rates.

MPT said in a statement on July 30 that the “friends and family campaign” will allow owners of MPT GSM and WCDMA cards to add up to three phone numbers that can be called at the rate of K25 a minute until August 31, a 50 percent decrease from the normal rate of K50 a minute.

Subscribers to the service will also have to pay a K2500 subscription fee.

“From today to August 31st, we would like to invite prepaid card users of GSM and WCDMA mobile phone owners to register and enjoy discounts,” the provider said.

The timing of the promotion is significant, as many expect the private firm Ooredoo to officially begin selling SIM cards following a “special” press conference on August 2.

Founded by the British in 1884, MPT has enjoyed almost complete control over the domestic communications industry for more than 100 years. This control is now threatened by private competitors like Ooredoo and Telenor as well as a customer base that has grown increasingly frustrated with the company’s spotty service.

Ooredoo SIM cards are already on the streets in Yangon and Mandalay ahead of an imminent launch, while Telenor says it expects to launch its network in September.

The “friends and family campaign” is one of several promotions and giveaways the company has rolled out in recent months to shore up its customer base.


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