Ministry aim to cut red tape for export, import licences

The Ministry of Commerce is reviewing its policies on granting export and import licences in order to cut red tape, it said earlier this week.

Exporters and importers have complained that the process is unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming. The World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2014 ranked Myanmar near the bottom of its index, at 182 of 189 economies. It was the first time Myanmar was included in the index, which ranks countries in terms of the ease of operating a business. The report said that in Myanmar it took nine days on average to prepare documents for export or import, compared to six or seven in the Asia Pacific region and four days on average in the 34 developed nations that comprise the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD.

The commerce ministry said it would cut red tape for obtaining an export or import licence so that this could be done online within one business day for a cost of Ks 2,500. The ministry said it would also issue a new list of items that require licences for export or import.

A total of 152 export items and 983 harmonised system (HS) codes and a total of 166 import items and 2079 HS codes do not require licences.


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