Export of beans and pulses rising

Myanmar’s exports of beans and pulses have risen slightly so far this fiscal year, up US$10 million in value to $380 million, according to the commerce ministry.

Exports of beans and pulses have totalled 500,669 tonnes from April 1 to August 8, preliminary data shows. The fiscal year runs from April to March.

About four-fifths of the exports, 400,000 tonnes, were transported by sea, with the rest exiting the country over land routes, the ministry said. Beans and pulses exported by land were valued at $100 million, while those exported by sea were valued at $280 million.

Total farm produce exports reached about $800 million in the period, official figures so. These include various types of rice, beans and pulses, and sesame.

Most exports went to other Asian counties, with Myanmar farm products yet to crack the European and American markets, ministry data shows.

Myanmar farmers growing beans and pulses (also known as lentils) are primarily scale-scale farmers, reports on the industry show. The produce is generally more profitable than rice. It is estimated that about three-quarters of the beans and pulses exported go to India.


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