Ministry to Set Up New Transformers for Better Electricity Distribution

The Ministry of Electric Power announced that new transformers will be installed in townships across the country in an effort to revamp the country’s ramshackle electricity distribution system.

The ministry is planning to set up 230KV, 66KV and 11KV transformers in the townships of Taunggyi, Myawaddy and Kalay, while 230KV transformers are also to be built in Thaketa and Oakshipin townships, ministry officials said.

Some additional 66 or 33KV transformers are also to be installed in Kut Khai, Tai Nin, Phalum, Kotkarate, Mintone, Minkin, Loutkai, Phasaung, Ma Ii, Saw, Minpyar, Kanma, Chaungzone and Phayar Gone (Zartapyin).

“The transformers are being installed to upgrade electricity distribution throughout the country. We will continue building more transformers in townships where they are needed,” said U Aung Khaing, chair of the Electricity Distribution Department for Yangon region.

As the electricity consumption of Myanmar is rising by an estimated 15 percent every year, the ministry is working towards boosting production while generating 10,958 million units of power in 2012-13 FY – resulting in an increase of individual and household consumption of about 180 kilowatt hours, a 30 percent yearly increase.

Total electricity consumption in the country is expected to reach 4,900 megawatts in 2015, but the production capacity will be able to pump out only 2,500 megawatts, according to the ministry.

Source: Myanmar BUSINESS TODAY

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