Taxi registration to continue, YCDC insists

Yangon City Development Committee has denied reports that it plans to scrap the city taxi registration scheme, saying responsibility for registration will instead be transferred to another association.

”We will not do the city taxi registration in the future but it does not mean there is no need to do the city taxi registration,” U Nyi Nyi Oo, the deputy head of YCDC’s managerial department told The Myanmar Times. “We can’t say exactly who will manage it in future. For now we are still accepting the city taxi registration.”

Confusion has reigned over the issue ever since Ma Hta Tha, the Yangon Region Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles, announced it would take over responsibility from April 1, 2013. This never happened and while a clarification was published in state media last year many taxi drivers remain confused over the registration process.

Many taxi drivers argue that they should not have to pay the YCDC tax. Currently they have to pay three registration fees: one to YCDC, another to the Road Transport Administration Department (RTAD) and a third to the Business Licence Office.

“RTAD already has a record of our address and vehicle. [Having to register with YCDC] makes us busier and costs more. We need to do three steps and it costs three times as much,” said Yangon taxi driver U Maung Maung.

Some drivers said they object more to the inconvenience than the cost, which is around K65,000 a year altogether. The RTAD tax is K30,000, the business office K20,000 and YCDC about K15,000.

“It’s not too much – I think it’s a reasonable amount,” said taxi driver Ko Myint Oo Naing.

In February this year local officials also began restricting the issuing of business licences to Yangon-plated vehicles, even though many taxi drivers wish to ply their trade in the city using cars registered in other parts of Myanmar.

At the time many taxi drivers said they heard the crackdown on taxi licences was part of a government attempt to reduce traffic jams in Yangon by limiting the number of commercial vehicles.


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