Dagon City showroom already creating a buzz

The showroom of Dagon City 1, a multipurpose residential project that will be built in one of the city’s prime locations – next to Yangon Zoo – has been drawing crowds even though it has yet to officially open.

The showroom will officially open on September 27, but its staff are not turning away those who are flocking to it to examine models of the buildings and apartment units that have yet to be built.

Marga Group, the Singaporean-registered company behind project, is working with Myanmar’s Thukhayadana Co Ltd to build the office buildings, apartments and a five-star hotel that will comprise the project.

The project is being billed as a new landmark for Yangon, as well as one that will set a new standard in quality and design. It includes architectural and design experts – as well as investors – from Hong Kong, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Australia-based engineering consultancy, Meinhardt Group, is a technical adviser on the project and the project, while architects from Hong Kong’s Wong Tung Group and Myanmar’s Spine Architect designed it.

“This place is expected to be the centre of business for Yangon,” said Eliott Suen, executive director of Marga Group, adding that 50 per cent of the material used in construction would be from Myanmar.

The buildings at the project will be maintained by Colliers International.

Those behind the development say it will create 5,000 jobs.


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