Roadside vendors to get space in markets, Yangon mayor says

Two-storey markets will be built near places where there are many roadside vendors, Yangon mayor Hla Myint said at the special session of the region parliament last week.

Projects will be implemented based on the budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, he said, adding that the first level would be allocated to roadside vendors.

“Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has been enforcing rules at a loss of Ks 0.8 billion every year – by fining the undisciplined roadside vendors,” the mayor added.

The YCDC allows roadside vendors from 3pm to 8pm. In an announcement in July, the YCDC said they would seize roadside vendors’ stalls as of this month. In doing this, the YCDC first cleared vendors from within 300 feet of the markets and allocated them vacant spaces at the markets.

Vendors who have to live from hand to mouth worry about news that the YCDC is going to seize people who operate roadside stalls.

They wonder if the YCDC can find space for them all in markets as there are many vendors in Yangon’s six townships.


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