Skal International Chiang Mai & North Thailand Club twins with Skal International Yangon

Members of Skal International Chiang Mai & North Thailand, located in the North of Thailand, traveled to Yangon, Myanmar on September 18, 2014 to spend a weekend meeting with Skal International Yangon members and perform the twinning ceremony that cemented ties with members in Yangon.

As part of the push by Skal Chiang Mai to create connections with different Skal groups members and guests recently traveled to Yangon with Air Bagan to hold a twinning ceremony with the newly created Skal Yangon.

Skal Chiang Mai President Tim McGuire was joined by committee members and Skal friends in the trip that saw Skal International Yangon President Sonny Aung Khin and Tim McGuire sign the official twinning certificate at the Padonmar Restaurant on September 20, 2014. The ceremony was witnessed by Skal International Kuala Lumpur President Jean Wasser standing in for Marco Battistotti, President of Skal Asia and Annette Kunigagon, Vice President and Past President of Skal Chiang Mai as well as committee members Manfred Ilg and Shana Kongmun.

The clubs then exchanged banners before citing the Skal toast in Thai, Burmese and English. The clubs plan on holding joint activities and are certain that the increased number of direct Chiang Mai – Yangon flights will enable more frequent visits. Skal Yangon President Sonny Aung Khin said that “Good friends make good business. The twinning of Skal International Chiang Mai and North Thailand and Skal International Yangon hopefully will produce many exchanges of visits between two cities.”

Skal Chiang Mai President Tim McGuire said, “What an honor and pleasure to twin Skal Chiang Mai & North Thailand with the wonderful members of Skal Yangon. The city was nothing short of spectacular and the food and tours magical. I can’t express enough the warmth and sincerity I saw in the people I met. My entire outlook on Myanmar has changed and I can’t wait to return to this beautiful country!

Sonny and his team could not have done a better job in welcoming us and providing us with a completely awesome journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and very much look forward to working closely with you all in the future to strengthen the bond between our countries and to support and assist one another in any way possible….Skal!”

Source: Travel Daily News

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