Government procurement law needed, says deputy attorney-general

The government needs to enact a procurement law to ensure transparency and prevent corruption, said Tun Tun Oo, deputy attorney-general, at the session of lower house of parliament on September 29.

He was replying to MP Tin Maung Oo’s question on “whether there is a plan to enact the government procurement law for the emergence of a clean government”.

“The country is in urgent need of the government procurement law to ensure transparency, competitiveness and freedom from corruption in the tender process. The ministry of national planning and economic development is mainly responsible for it,” said the deputy attorney-general.

This law will be the first ever of its kind in the country. To pass the government procurement law, it needs to look at the commerce sector from the point of view of international law, he added.

“With respect to the government procurement law, it also needs to study laws and bylaws being practised internationally and then adopt policies,” he said.

“In an effort to march towards a democracy, every country reforms its governments as a first step. The second reform process is the emergence of public associations. As a third step, there needs to be cooperation between the government and associations to become a member of the Open Government Partnership. The final step is to draft the procurement law for the emergence of a clean government. With that the government will be able to carry out tender processes in a transparent manner,” said MP Tin Maung Oo.

The government ministries invite open tenders via the daily newspapers in keeping with the tender rules of the President’s Office, the deputy attorney-general added.


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