MPs criticise govt contract to company without invitation to tender

Members of Parliament criticised the government for giving ACE Construction Company the contract to construct a stage in Nay Pyi Taw for a grand military review, estimated to cost Ks 6.4, without inviting tenders.

MP Sandar Min said, “The additional budget for the grand military review is not included in the budget estimate. The Ministry of Construction should not ask any additional budget for it. When we looked at the project, the ministry spent more than Ks 421 million to buy furniture for the stage; Ks 500 million to make water available for the stage and used Ks 1 billion to have electricity for the stage. Moreover, the ministry did not invite tenders and has given the contract to ACE Construction Company, which is implementing many projects in Nay Pyi Taw. Is this in keeping with the policy?”

The MPs also discussed about the need for transparency and the importance of not wasting the budget funds.

The government had sought an additional budget of more than Ks 2.6 billion from Parliament on October 20.

The total budget exceeds Ks 2,670 billion, including over Ks 2,032 billion budget deficit, more than Ks 535 billion for expenditure related to overseas loan and aid, and more than Ks 102 billion to provide funds to regions and state governments.

Among ministries, the Ministry of Cooperatives has sought the highest additional budget funding, with a request that is 616.33 per cent above the budget. The ministry said the additional budget demand is because it intends to take an international loan.


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