Thousand farmers stage protest in Mandalay

Around one thousand farmers staged a protest against the Mandalay-Myothar Industrial Zone Park on Nov 17 in Myotar Town, of Mandalay Region.

They demanded immediate release of jailed farmers and proper compensation for their farmlands seized, during the protest.

The protestors from 14 villages located in the project area went on their protest march through Myotar Town, of Nganzun Township, Myinchan District.

“The [responsible] company started its initial construction works on uncompensated farmlands destroying crops on Aug 17. When farmers gathered to stop it, ten farmers were arrested under several charges. We protest here today as we think it’s not fair to do so against the farmers,” said a family member of a jailed farmer from Pyawbwe village.

The crowd broke into chants of ‘Immediate release of jailed farmers!’ Appropriate compensation for farmlands seized!’ ‘Rule of law!’ ‘The project area is ours!’ ‘No greedy businessmen needed for the project!’ ‘Development of farmers’ lives!’

“This project is a process being carried out by the Mandalay regional government. We had to take legal actions against them as they used force to disturb the process. The ten farmers included those who did not own farmlands. We have already given a compensatory payment of Ks 2 million per acre for more than 60 acres,” said Tin Win, township administrator for Nganzun.

The project area for the Mandalay-Myothar Industrial Zone Park is expected to take up to 11,000 acres from the 14 villages.


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