MP submits proposal to regulate massage parlours in Yangon region

Yangon – MP Thaung Kyaw, who represents Yankin constituency for from the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), submitted a proposal to parliament on December 8 to allow massage parlours in Yangon Region under rules and regulations.

He said he submitted the proposal with the intention to reduce the number of illegal massage parlours in Yangon Region.

“Residents of Yangon go to massage parlours to relax and reduce their stress. Massage parlours also create job opportunities. But the owners of illegal massage parlours only care about their business because no regulations are applied to them. People who visit these massage parlours and their owners are breaking the law. Officials have paid no attention to them, so they think they are not punishable,” said the MP.

There are two kinds of massage parlours in Yangon. One kind is operated by legitimate masseurs and is often located in hotels. The other kind, in addition to offering massages, also allows patrons to pay for sex.
Some of these sex parlours are staffed by trafficked women from underdeveloped areas who have been tricked into coming to Yangon by traffickers pretending to offer them jobs at beauty salons.

“They arrive in Yangon and are sent to massage parlours. Most of the massage parlours are named and disguised as beauty salons. The women have no choice but to work. They have to work all night long. They rest for only a short time in the morning. They earn just 20 per cent of the fees paid by the customer, while the traffickers take the rest. Thus, they can rarely afford to buy their freedom from the traffickers. They are treated like prisoners, and the government cannot protect them with the existing laws. So the Yangon Region government should deeply consider passing this proposal,” the MP said.

Local MP Myo Khin asked during the parliament session whether the Yangon Region government has planned to instruct KTVs, massage parlours, night clubs, bars and dance clubs in residential areas to relocate. Colonel Tin Win, Regional Minister for Security and Border Affairs, said the regional government has made no such plan yet.


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