Malaysian bio-fertiliser factories discussed

A malaysian bio-tech company is exploring plans to produce bio-fertiliser in Myanmar, after meeting with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation last week.

Bio-fertiliser differs from regular fertiliser by including living organisms that contribute to plant growth through warding off diseases.

Sim Keng Huna, managing director of Agro Yuli Sdn Bhd, met with Department of Agriculture deputy director general U Aye Tun to discuss a possible investment in the country.

“The company wants to do business in Myanmar producing liquid bio-fertiliser for farmers,” said Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation information officer U Win Haing Oo. “They want to collaborate to find a foreign market for their international-standard product.”

This particular bio-fertiliser is to be targeted toward palm oil plantation owners, as the produce is particularly vulnerable to fungus. Malaysia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil, while there is a growing palm oil industry in Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region.

Government officials said a strong point of bio-fertiliser is that it doesn’t pollute the water or environment as it works organically.

The firm also discussed opportunities to export Myanmar’s produce to Malaysia, such as watermelon, papaya, durian and sweet potato.


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