Red Dot E-Top up hits Orange Supermarket Chain

Orange Supermarket launched electronic top-up services for customers in Yangon last week. The new system allows users to quit scratching away at top-up cards, according to U Pyae Phyo Latt, Orange Supermarket merchandising director.

Electronic top-up cards, now at Orange Supermarket. Photo: Aung Kyaw NyuntElectronic top-up cards, now at Orange Supermarket. Photo: Aung Kyaw Nyunt

The service, backed by e-payment firm Red Dot Network, began January 22nd at all eight branches of Orange Supermarket in Myanmar’s most populous city.

Myanmar’s Red Dot Network is responsible for the technology behind the electronic top-up service and helped with putting the new system in place, according to a press release.

To top up phones, customers scan electronic top-up cards at checkout in Orange stores. Then they receive receipts with instructions and a PIN code, the release said.

“With electronic top-ups, customers don’t need to scrape PIN codes from top-up cards. This is a strong point of this service,” U Pyae Phyo Latt said.

On offer are top-ups from MPT for GSM phones, Telenor, Ooredoo, and MEC for K5000 and K10,000, as well as top-ups for RedLink internet at K16,000 and K36,000.

Top ups in various increments – K1000 and K3000 from Telenor and Ooredoo, and K1000, K3000, K10,000 and K20,000 from MPT – will come to the service soon, a press release said.

As Orange keeps the electronic top-up cards and customers walk away with the directions to get credit on receipts, the company doesn’t need to refill top-up stock from telcos.

“We no longer have to juggle multiple denominations of top-up cards, and best of all, our stock is now unlimited,” U Pyae Phyo Latt said in a statement. “By becoming early adopters of this technology, we are delighted to be able to offer our customers this exciting new top-up experience before it is available at any other retail chain in the country.”

The company also looks to bring its new service to Mandalay, where Orange has two outposts, U Pyae Phyo Latt said.

Source : Myanmar Times

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