Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) introduces new models to the Myanmar market

Ford introduces new autos to Myanmar market American auto maker Ford has introduced three new models to the Myanmar market through its local distributor Capital Automotive.

The new cars are the Fiesta, Focus and EcoSport brands, with the Focus brand having been a particularly strong performer for the company globally in recent years. According to a release by the company, the EcoSport is the most suitable Ford model for Myanmar as it can drive through up to 1.8 metres of water, something that is important in Myanmar’s heavy rainy season.

The company said that it plans to introduce new models in the future but for now sales of the new models are proving popular, with all seven of the imported EcoSports already being sold out. In Myanmar, the Fiesta is selling for MMK 30 million (US$ 30,000), the Focus for MMK 35 million (US$ 35,000) and the EcoSport for MMK 34 million (US$ 34,000).

Ford currently has a showroom and service garage in Yangon and is planning to open a showroom in Mandalay in February. As you know Myanmar is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and a very lucrative market for automobile producers. Expanding now is very important. Even though USA presence in Myanmar is low, Ford is very active and has a promising future in the country especially if Myanmar Human Rights improve and USA lifts its sanctions.


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