Government invites open tender to establish Light Industrial Park in East Dagon; Closing Date: February 24th, 2015

Invitation for Tender to establish Light Industrial Park

1. Companies/Organizations can submit tender for the following proposals by separate envelopes to establish Light Industrial Park on land area 400 acre which is the part of Field No.1104, Holding No.7, Field No.1105/b, Holding No.15, Field No.1106, Holding No.8/13/27, Field No.1107, Holding No.5/21, Field No.1108, Holding No.2, Field No.1108/a, Holding No.5 near Malit Village, East Dagon Tsp., Yangon Region:

(a) In your technical proposal please describe the design, supervision, implementation plan, step by step plans, how the business will be run and maintained, EIA, past experience and track records;

(b) In the financial proposal, amount of total investment, amount of investment according to the step and submission according to the mutual benefit shall be described. Bidder need to submit audited financial report for last three years and source of money for the business.

2. Bidder shall submit the proposals at tender box of Secretary’s Office, Government of Yangon Region by registering not later than 24.2.2015, 16:30 hour.

3. Place of tender opening and scrutinizing shall be informed later.

4. Tender form can be bought at the Office of the Government of Yangon Region commence from 26.1.2016 by kyats 50,000/- (kyats fifty thousand only) per set.

5. Kyats 100,000,000/- (kyats one hundred million only) shall be deposited in advance at Myanma Economic Bank as security for tender submission.

6. Public Company will be given priority in the tender.

Tender Selection Body

Source: Myanma Ahlinn

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