Myanmar: Average prices of sawn timber at latest auctions

Prices for sawn teak in the Open Tender held on 20 February averaged US$4500 per cubic ton for boards and ranged from US$1000 to US$2000 per cubic ton for Second Class teak scantlings. Third Class (the lowest grade) scantlings sold for between US$500 and US$1000 per cubic ton.

Average prices in other tender sales were reported to be MMK 0.651 million per h.ton for teak and MMK 0.372 million for other sawn hardwoods in the Mandalay Division and MMK 0.632 for teak and MMK 0.359 for hardwoods in the Yangon Division.

The following timber was sold by Myanmar Timber Enterprise by special open tender on 20 February 2015. Prices for logs are expressed in hoppus tons and prices for hewn or sawn teak are expressed in cubic tons.

TypeGradeTonsAvg US$/ton
SquaresExport Reject8673
Sawn GurjanSecond79517

Note: Squares normally measure 10” & up x 10” & up x 6’ & up or 10’ & up. Sawn Kanyin are conversions of various sizes and lengths. In Kanyin is also traded under the name of Gurjan. 


TypeGradeTonsAvg US$/ton


Sawing grade teak logs

GradeTonsAvg US$/tonLocation


Hardwood logs, Yangon

TypeGradeTonsAvg US$/ton


Source: IHB

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