Bus Rapid Transit System Set for December Start

The first two lines of a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Yangon may open as soon as December, according to an official associated with the matter.

Bus stops have been built on Kabaraye Pagoda road and Pyay road to facilitate the public bus lines which will use the first BRT routes in Yangon.

Bus stops have been under construction since September and will be finished in October, said Dr Maung Aung, chairman of the Public Bus Company and adviser to the Ministry of Commerce.

After bus stops are built, ticket centres and LED signposts will need to be installed. A total of 65 buses have been ordered and the buses are expected to arrive in December.

“We aim to solve the traffic congestion that’s happening in Yangon. It often takes up to two hours to travel across the city by bus. The BRT system will be much faster,” said Dr Maung Aung.Under the BRT system, there will be a limited set of stops, dedicated lanes and payment will be handled with a smart card system, Dr Maung Aung told Myanmar Business Today. This would allow the busses to avoid traffic and maintain a set schedule.

“There is no bus conductor, only a driver. The bus driver will not need to rush to get more money. They will drive according to their schedules and also they will get competitive monthly salary,” said Dr Maung Aung.

The Public Bus Company was formed in 2014, where the government has K10 billion worth of shares and public companies hold K15 billion worth of shares.

The BRT system was originally planned to start last year, but has experienced many delays due to disagreements between concerned parties. It has been developed under a Yangon Transport Master Plan developed by the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency in a bid to alleviate Yangon’s traffic problems in the medium term.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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