No (1) Heavy Industries Enterprise invites open tender for tools in MMK; Closing Date: Nov 11, 2015

Ministry of Industy
No (1) Heavy Industries Enterprise
No(14) Heavy Industry (Thar Ga Ya)
1. No(14) Heavy Industry (Thar Ga Ya) under No (1) Heavy Industries Enterprise of Ministry of Industry has invited an open tender to purchase the following items in Myanmar Kyats:
a. Tools – 50

2. Tender Opening date – Oct 8, 2015

3. Tender Closing date – Nov 11, 2015

4. Open tender documents are available at No(14) Heavy Industry (Thar Ga Ya) commencing from Oct 8, 2015 during office hour and more details information can be obtained by Phone No 067-8430005, 054-24671. The bidders company can see the sample tools at No (14) Heavy Industry (Thar Ga Ya) during office hours.
Tender selection committee
No(14) Heavy Industry (Thar Ga Ya)
Source: Ministry of Industy

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