Poultry Farmers Want Gov’t to Limit Chicken Imports

Local poultry farmers want government to limit the import of chickens in order to keep local farmers competitive, according to the Myanmar Poultry Business Association.

“We don’t want local businesspeople to suffer. Foreign chicken imports should be limited. If Myanmar imports too much, the local market will get affected. I intend to protect this,” Dr Kyaw Htin, chairman of the Mandalay Livestock Federation, told Myanmar Business Today.

Local poultry farmers also want the government to tighten the collection of taxes on imported chicken.

“We are afraid that there will be a blackmarket and greater illegal imports because foreign product importers do not report import volume properly,” said Dr Kyaw Htin.

If too much foreign imports are allowed, not only poultry farmers but also related businesses such as maize farmers, sesame farmers would face greater competition, Dr Kyaw Htin claimed.

Previously, only the import of precursors for poultry farming was allowed, such as eggs and chicks. The Ministry of Livestock Fisheries and Rural Development has since allowed meat imports. However, meat imports continue to remain minimal.

During a meeting held at the Myanmar Ministry of Livestock in Naypyitaw last month deputy minister Dr Aung Myat Oo said that the ministry will evaluate and limit the import of chicken in order not to harm local poultry business.

A Meat Instruction Board, a government body which is to manage the meat imports, was recently formed by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Livestock, Myanmar Livestock Federation and Myanmar Fishery Federation.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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