YCDC invites for open tender to buy Insulated Covered winding wire and premium Diesel; Closing Date: Nov 11, 2015

Invitation for Open Tender

1. Insulated Covered winding wire and premium Diesel will be bought to use at departments of Yangon City Development Committee in Myanmar Kyat. Bidders are invited to submit the open tender.

a. Insulated Covered winding wire – 50,000 Meter
b. premium Diesel – 100,000 Gallon

2. Closing date for price is November 11, 2015 (noon) and tender will be opened on 14:00 hr at that day. Tender documents are available at 1st fl –Budget & Finance Department, purchasing department, City Hall. Details information can be inquired to Ph:388732, during office hours.
Tender Selection Committee

Source: Yangon City Development Committee

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