Asia Frontier Capital Research Trip To Yangon In Myanmar

My last trip to Yangon was a little over two years ago. When arriving at the airport nothing has changed since then – just the immigration staff became more efficient – or maybe their computers are newer and thus faster? Last time it took the staff over 5 minutes to handle one person and fortunately this time it was much faster and I was through immigration in less than 10 minutes.

Outside of the airport, however, the progress since my last trip was visible everywhere as soon as I stepped out of the airport terminal building. Instead of the 20+ year old cars, I saw modern cars everywhere. Most of them were Japanese made (mainly Toyota) or Korean and surprisingly almost all of them are right hand driven despite the fact that cars are driven on the right hand side of the road. The reason is that many of the cars are imported from Japan or sometimes from Thailand where cars are driven on the left hand side. Even the number plates of the cars changed in the meantime. Previously the numbers or letters were in Burmese letters which were not readable for foreigners without specific knowledge. It was also a nice and new experience that the taxi driver switched on the aircon without specifically asking when hiring their service and not charging an additional USD 1 like in the past!

Source: Seeking Alpha

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