Foreigners can operate JV to trade in fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and hospital equipment

Foreigners have traditionally been restricted to doing service business and cannot be involved in trading. However the Ministry of Commerce has relaxed this requirements in the interest of the country as there is a critical need for expertise in the following areas:

  1. fertilizers
  2. insemination seeds
  3. pesticides
  4. hospital equipment

Foreigners can trade in the above items only as a joint venture with Myanmar citizen. No minimum share percentage is stipulated for the local Myanmar citizen.

In future we can expect more areas to be relaxed as Myanmar lacks technical expertise in many critical industries such as medical, agricultural, aquaculture & fishery sectors and the local businessmen lacks knowledge nor the risk taking spirit to venture into these areas.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Notification No. 96/2015 dated 11 November 2015

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