Yangon needs planning regulation

The number of high-rise buildings joining the Yangon skyline needs to be monitored as the city struggles to cater for a growing demand for offices and homes, according to the Myanmar Engineering Society.

Director Aye Aye Myint from the Ministry of Construction said: “There are many high-rise buildings but the roads are still only about 12-feet wide. On these roads, 14- and 15-storey buildings are being built. The traffic and roads are in a terrible condition. The city is over-crowded. In other countries, there are limits on population density. The Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development together with the Yangon City Development Committee is working on population density. The important thing is we have to set development control. There are many places where you can build high-rise buildings with broad roads. The present regulations are not strong enough. We just need guidelines on urban planning so effective measures can be taken.”

Source: ELEVEN

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